Parasol has reimagined the world of diapers as we know it. Their vibrant illustrations turn everyday moments into works of art and their lightweight, absorbent design ensures that your baby stays dry, comfortable, and free to be!

And we are very excited to announce the arrival of Parasol to the Special Delivery BundleBag!



Parasol's products are sourced from certified sustainably managed forests, the wood pulp makes up the highly absorbent core of each diaper. And each diaper is covered with bright, whimsical designs from artist Ashley Goldberg, so joyous you won't want to cover them up! 



Parasol products are Certified with the Nordic Swan Eco-Label, fulfilling the most stringent environmental, climate and health criteria available in the industry. Other certifications include: 



Duckworth is thrilled to be able to offer you two ways to experience Parasol. First, when you purchase any BundleBag, you will receive a full week's worth of diapers (in size NB/1) and wipes from the Delight Collection, absolutely free! Or, sign up for a subscription and receive a full month of diapers and wipes delivered right to your front door.