“Be like a duck, calm on the surface but paddling like the dickens underneath”
- Michael Caine

Life is hectic, time is scarce, and patience can wear thin. But we prefer to take a cue from our fine feathered friends and (try) to let it all roll right off. Based in NYC, Duckworth is dedicated to offering thoughtful and stylish solutions for modern moms. Our core product, the Special Delivery BundleBag is a carefully curated 'Go Bag' filled with luxury goodies and other necessities that keep you feeling your absolute best during a hospital stay. 


Founder, Jerese Twitty, developed the BundleBag™  while awaiting the birth of her first son. She realized that while lots of expectant moms might love a bespoke collection of thoughtful goods, not everyone has the time to build one themselves. She scoured the city for soft pajamas, cozy socks, and sumptuous skin care and created a one-of-a-kind bag that will be ready to go, well, when you are! Special Delivery is available in three versions, the Mama BundleBag, the Mama BundleBag Deluxe, and the Papa BundleBag.

The products and brands we work with have all proven to be conscious, pioneering, elegant, and fun. We believe in supporting a community of likeminded businesses and individuals and truly delight in bringing you these bundles of joy! 

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